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    Average San Jose Auto Insurance Quotes. Save up to $375 every year!

    The lively city of San Jose down at the south of San Francisco Bay is a magnet for the technologically oriented because of Silicon Valley. Car owners here have to deal with an average of $1,494 in premiums every year, in contrast to the California average of $1,401. The lowest rate recorded is $987 while the high one is $2,726. Residents can move their payments to the lighter side of the scale by diligently hunting for the most wallet-friendly insurance providers.

    Car Insurance Factors in San Jose, CA: Why Some Pay Higher Than Others

    A lot of thought goes into working out the most suitable rate for each client. Insurance companies will inquire about driving history, including previous involvement in accidents and even minor traffic violations. They will ask about how old car is, whether it’s this shade or that, the number on the odometer, and more. Four of the most important factors include:

    • Location. Because it is the tenth largest city in America, San Jose is teeming with both people and cars. Insurance companies don’t like this because the risk of accidents is greater compared to small towns. Therefore, they ask more from drivers to compensate for the high number of claims. San Jose’s residents totaled 945,942 in 2010 and with almost 175 square miles of land, the density is pegged at 5,410 per square mile.
    • Driving to Work. The majority of office workers have to commute during rush hour to get to their workplaces in time. This means they have to share the road with thousands of aggressive drivers with the same goal in mind, a situation that heightens the risk of accidents. Those who commute during unconventional hours can get discounts. San Jose workers drive to work roughly 27.8 minutes every day. The fatalities due to accidents number 4.6 per 100,000 in the city versus 5.5 in the state.
    • Auto Thefts. Owners get a sizeable discount when they equip their cars with anti-theft devices. This is doubly important if the model is known to be a favorite among carjackers. Without deterrents, insurance companies can jack up the rates on these vehicles. San Jose is no stranger to auto thefts with 5,411 incidents listed in 2010.
    • Education. College students and degree holders are often provided with discounts when they try to get car insurance. This is good news for the well-educated population of San Jose as 20.8% of the city’s residents have a bachelor’s degree, a good number of them being engineers for the largest tech companies. A good 18.1% of the residents have obtained a high school diploma. Compare this to the state figures which are pegged at 17.1% and 20.1%, respectively.

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