• Auto Insurance Sacramento, CA

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    Are You Paying the Average Price for Sacramento Auto Insurance?

    Average motor vehicle insurance costs in Sacramento can cost as much as $1501 in Sacramento. Insurance costs are even higher in some areas of Sacramento. This compares unfavorably with the $1401 which is the average automotive insurance cost that is paid in the State of California.

    Important Factors Regarding Sacramento Car Insurance Rates

    Insurance companies take a lot of factors into consideration when they are calculating the cost of your insurance. Some of these factors include your date of birth and your credit score. Other items they consider might include:

    • Location: Drivers in big cities typically get charged higher rates for their automobile insurance. This is because when more people share the road in large cities, there is an increased potential for costly accidents.  In Sacramento, CA there are over 472,178 residents and the population density in this city is 4801 residents per square mile.
    • Commuting: Motorists who use their automobiles to drive to work are often asked to pay higher insurance fees because they face a greater likelihood of being in an accident. A motorist who does not drive during the peak traffic periods may qualify for an insurance discount. During the year 2010 in Sacramento, CA, the average commuting time for motorists was 23.4 minutes. There were 6 fatal motor vehicle accidents for every 100,000 people occurred in 2009.
    • Vehicle Thefts: Some vehicles face a higher risk of theft than others. Most big cities experience a high rate of car theft. Certain models of trucks and cars are stolen far more frequently than others. You can protect your vehicle against theft with an anti-theft device. This will also help you get a discount on your insurance costs. Unfortunately, Sacramento, CA ranks number 7 among American cities by having the highest number of auto thefts per number of residents. In 2010, 845.3 cars per 100,000 residents were stolen in the city.
    • Education level: If you are a student or if you have a college degree, you may qualify for a discount on your automotive insurance. In Sacramento, CA, 23.9% of residents have a B.A. which is lower than the state average of 29.9%. About 77.3% Sacramento residents have a high school diploma or higher.

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