• Auto Insurance Los Angeles, CA

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    The Average Los Angeles Auto Insurance Quote Can Save You Hundreds on Premiums

    Typical rates for the city of Los Angeles will vary greatly depending on your specific zip code. In the major metropolitan areas of the city, the average rate for automobile insurance hovers just above $2,400 for most drivers. This is drastically more expensive than the average state quote of $1,350. But if you live on the outskirts of the city or in one of the lesser populated areas, you could be paying as little as $1,489 yearly for your insurance policy. This is still higher than the state average, however, so shopping around is very important!

    Factors to Consider When Shopping for Insurance: How Much Could You be Saving on your Los Angeles, CA Car Insurance?

    There are many factors that are considered when a new policy is made. Many people are surprised at some of the common reasons for paying higher premiums. Sometimes it is a matter of knowing the industry to be able to pay less. There are many factors in determining insurance rates, and some of these include:

    • Location. In the most recent census, the population of Los Angeles exceeded more than 3.79 million residents! And with virtually all of them relying on a personal vehicle for personal and professional travel, that increases your risk of an accident greatly; especially with a population density of 8,085 people per square mile.
    • Daily Commute. In LA there are millions of cars on the road every day, which results in an average commute time of well over 30 minutes for drivers who commute during peak traffic hours. Unfortunately, being on the road when so many others are also trying to get to work will result in higher insurance rates.
    • Car Theft. The good news is that auto thefts have gone down in recent years for the city of Los Angeles. The bad news, however, is that there were still over 17,000 vehicles stolen in 2010 alone. If you protect yourself by installing a passive anti-theft device, it could equal some serious discounts for your automotive insurance policy!
    • Higher Education. Whether you believe it or not, having a college degree can save a lot on automotive insurance. The average education has a lot to do with insurance rate, and some companies even reward those who are planning on obtaining a secondary education. More than 33% of Los Angeles residents have not yet completed their high school diploma or GED, which is a drastic 10% higher than the state average. There is only a 1% difference between those who have graduated high school and those who have earned a bachelor’s, but those few who have gone the extra mile and earned that advance degree could save as much as 25% or higher on their vehicle insurance.

    It is often a headache finding the best deals on auto insurance, and the complications can sometimes be overwhelming. There is no reason to struggle with finding the best auto rates when you have a comparison site such as californiaautoinsurancequote.org. There is no reason to pay more, when there is an easy way to pay less!

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